Cover letter for Armory

Hi Armory team, i thought i’d write a longer cover letter (with images!).

I am [very] excited to apply to join your team, since i have been dreaming of achieving a similar concept, on the state of delivering software.

At the last company i worked in, where i was a tech co-founder, i advocated for this model of delivery, where continuous delivery is not just a practice or a process, but also implemented as a system.

Our vision of our deployment, circa Apr 10, 2017.

We were able to set up some parts of this, using Gitlab as the ‘mother’ controller of the flow. Which i also consider as a good contender for being the tool to build-out this deployment concept.

And below, is the context diagram, of how the different components will be set up.

Context diagram of the delivery system

I eventually left the company mid of last year, to pursue this dream in a consulting basis. I started Next Level (, to offer consulting on software development process and practices, as well as delivery setups. You can read about my vision on this:

And some parts of the code that i worked on, i published them in Github:

I envision making Next Level Machines, as a way to implement tools for use in software delivery.

At the moment, i am exploring what may be my options this year. I certainly want to continue to work on this concept, and now that i have heard of your company, i thought maybe it’s a good idea to join your team instead.

I read from your site, that you’re not looking to work with remote roles, and is open to sponsor visa. So there might be a chance that working with your team will work out for me. 🙂

Though, i also consider, given a strong leader, you might even consider building out a team from my side of town (Cebu, Philippines). 🙂 Of course, i know, i’m getting way ahead of myself, so for the time being, i won’t mind working as part of your team in the next few years, while the business grow.

Alrighty, please let me know if it’s interesting to explore this further.

Many thanks!