Open for business

Hi friends, i am now open for business. Welcome!

I can help you and your team with the following:

  • Help develop the team and software engineering process
  • Review and evaluate legacy system
  • Write code for features, bug fixes, testing, and deploy

I’m best with the following techs:

  • Ruby, Rails
  • Linux (Ubuntu, CentOS), Chef, Docker
  • MySQL, MariaDB, MongoDB, ElasticDB
  • Redis, RabbitMQ
  • Nginx
  • CEPH, MogileFS, Amazon S3

Though, i can quickly learn any techs to be effective, but might take some time to become proficient.

Ever since i started in my career, i have spent time administering systems and networks. I’ve become proficient in designing, configuring, and troubleshooting systems of all sizes. I code, but i also handle stuffs in production.

In case it is relevant, i have coded as a hobby on Haskell and Scala.

Based on the techs where i am best at, and with the most experience and depth, it’s safe to say, i’m a back-end guy. Also an architect guy. Or, someone you get, to keep things from falling apart.

I can’t yet commit to a full-time work, since i have existing commitments. But i estimate, i have available part-time hours of up to 25 in a week. I work fast, and can quickly deliver results.

Given my situation, i think it is best i join an existing team, even as small as being the 2nd person, since i can’t yet commit to be the technical lead. I think, i’ll make a great side-kick. 🙂

I’m based in Cebu, Philippines, and have a good working environment. I can work remotely, and in my primary working space, Internet speed is fast.

In terms of opportunities, i prefer the ones that is building a product and will involve supporting it in production. These are the kinds where long term commitment is needed, and where i draw satisfaction from seeing the hard work spent is paying off with happy users.

Alrighty, if you find this interesting, please let me know. You can find my contact info at the bottom of this page. Thanks!