Move fast

Create the right thing and build it right

Software is everywhere. We demand it to be better.

Better in user experience, performance, and security.

We can help you in the journey towards this state of software.

Never (again) be left behind.


Let us work together to deliver better.

I can be a technical coach helping your team design and build your software. I can assist in the efforts of designing systems, be it from scratch, migrate a legacy system, or do an upgrade.

I specialize in companies that implement software, needing help in any of these situations:

  • improving the software delivery process
  • adopting technical practices
  • implementing a continuous delivery pipeline
  • implementing enterprise architecture
  • optimizing technical operations
  • developing a technology strategy

To my clients, i provide the following:

  • Facilitate initiatives for transformation and change
  • Facilitate workshops for study and learning
  • Perform study and analysis of systems
  • Review software in the scope of architecture, delivery, and maintenance


I believe, coaching and consulting, often is not enough to get the job done. Code can help.

I am an open source contributor, and have applied the concepts into code. I can help build strategic components of a software system, in the areas of framework, integration, delivery, and operation.

Beyond me

For engagements which requires more than just me, that involve design, implementation, and maintenance of a product or a system, i am available as a Principal Consultant at Symph. Please visit our site for more information.



You can read about my vision on software and my motivation behind this business.

About me

Hi, my name is Mark Buenconsejo, i am the owner, and the one and only person in this business.

I am a builder, a software engineer, a team leader, a technical coach, and have been building businesses since 1999.

The last company i co-founded is Caresharing, where i worked in multiple roles, including technology, people, and operations. I have been exposed in the Healthcare and Education industries, and have sold mobile apps in the past.

You can learn more about my work at my Github account, from the blog, from my LinkedIn profile, and from my personal site. I tweet a lot. You can also read my vision about software and of this business.

Benefits in working with me

I have worn many hats and have direct experience helping build a startup from zero. I can see through people, business, and technical aspects of any situation, and can help form perspectives from different angles.

In addition to my exposure in business, i kept my technology hat. I code every day, i contribute to open source, i experiment on new things, and keep an eye on architecture.

I have gained depth on many aspects to make practical business decisions.

Learn more about my [vision](/vision) about software and of this business.

More about me:

Other projects:

Cebu Code Camp